Dress Code

 At Stoneybrook Public School, our Dress Code allows for the expression of individuality and personal choice, while sustaining a safe learning and teaching environment for the school community. 

Dress Code

Staff and students are expected to wear clothing (and jewelry) appropriate for school activities. "Appropriate" is defined as: 

  • free of inappropriate language and/or graphics (profanity, vulgarity, remarks/images that are discriminatory, derogatory, or offensively suggestive, promotion of violence or products that are illegal for minors to purchase). 
  • the complete covering of undergarments and torso (front and back) to allow for active involvement in all school activities. It is recommended that shorts, skirts and/or dresses be mid-thigh length. 
  • footwear that is safe for all types of school activities and conducive to a positive learning environment (i.e., no slippers or "flip flops"). 
  • Students are expected to have separate indoor and outdoor footwear. Running shoes with non-marking soles and suitable gym clothing are required for physical education activities. 
  • sunglasses are not to be worn inside the school, unless medically required. 
  • headwear is not to be worn in classrooms, lunchrooms, or while travelling to/from classes, except on special occasions as determined by the school administration. Exceptions may be granted by the school administration for medical conditions or religious reasons consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 
  • students are encouraged to wear hats outdoors for warmth during cold weather, and protection from the sun during warm weather. 
  • kerchiefs or bandanas that cover most of the head are discouraged to prevent the creation of identifiable groups. 
  • care should be taken to ensure that clothing is free of drawstrings, scarves, and mitten strings that may become entangled in playground equipment, and thus create a safety concern. 
  • dangling or large hoop earrings are discouraged to prevent injuries. 


All staff and students are expected to comply with the School Dress Code on school grounds or while participating in school functions. 

In the event of a dress code violation, a reasonable effort will be made to contact parents as well as addressing the issue with the student. The principal will work with the parent to identify a potential solution to the situation. In the event of repeated infractions, the principal will make a reasonable effort to arrange a conference with the parent to identify a plan that satisfies all parties. 

The dress code will be shared with teachers, parents and students in September and again in April each year. The dress code will also be posted on the school website and will be circulated via email. Once posted, teachers and parents are encouraged to review the contents of the dress code with students.