Our Staff

We have some new faces at Stonebrook!  Please see the chart below to see who your education team is this year at Stoneybrook.

          2020/2021 Stoneybrook Shark Educational Team

Staff Members


Mrs. Allegretti & Mrs. Paisley

Mrs. Braney & Ms. Thomas

Mrs. Murray & Mrs. Hall

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Alward

Mrs. Havaris

Grade One Team

Mrs. Ottaway

Mrs. Nolan

Grade Two Team

Mrs. Ledingham

Mrs. Mace

Grade Three Team

Mrs. Moore (3/4)

Mrs. Griffith

Grade 4 Team

Mrs. Sweeney & Mrs. Muir

Mr. Benincasa

Grade 5 Team

Mr. Rose

Mr. Kozachuk (6/7)

Grade 6 Team

Mrs. Brosnan

Ms. Plahe

Mr. Boughner

Grade 7/8 Team

Mrs. Lewis (TL)

Mr. Mazi

Mrs. Muir

Mrs. Bialas

Mrs. Jones

Prep Teachers

Mrs. Kindree

Learning Support Teacher

Mr. Rochford

English as Second Language Teacher

Mrs. Askey

Ms. Donovan

Ms. Gall

Mrs. Parker

Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Suhanji

Educational Assistant Team

Mrs. Panhuis

Mrs. Vanderveken

Administrative Assistant Team

Mr. Sweeney

Mr. Smith

Custodial Team

Mrs. Sweeney

Ms. Curran

Administrative Team

You may be wondering where some of our other teachers went to this year.  Some of the students in remote learning are very lucky to have Mrs. Oliver, Mr. Eastman and Mrs. Molanado, Ms. Madalzedan, Ms. Skelton and Ms. Simms as their teachers.